Why is there an increase of women entering the medical field?

Why is there an increase of women entering the medical field?

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The medical profession is currently experiencing a revolution with an increase of women entering it. In the past, women were not able to enter the medical field because of the many barriers that were imposed. Also many countries are now giving women the same opportunities as men and there is no discrimination between male or female doctors.
6 Oct 2016 - General
I think we've come to an age where it is not exactly easy to be a woman, but there is a better venue to prove yourself. Before, women were heavily restricted as what we can and cannot do, but that is not the case anymore. Just last month I saw a fine documentary on Netflix called, "She's beautiful when she's angry", that talked about how feminists fought for equality. It doesn't seem significant now because this is the age we're born into, but this is all the result...
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Marinelle Castro as far as different cultures are concerned we respect them all because they mean a lot to many people but one thing you would agree that cultures that have great and beneficial logic to every aspect are superior to those that are based on myth. As far as culture in my part of the world is concerned there is no obstacle to woman doing the work they want to because she has equal right to men. But i wouldn't stop there on this point and i would say that although both have equal...
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Jemar Nicdao women can prove their potentiality in any field they choose. home duties and raising children are not an easy missions at all. If we discusse her role as a mother we will never end our speech.
Women are needed urgently in the medical field as there are patients feel ashamed to tell their complains to men.
As you said it is not surprising that they join the healthcare industries, they are succ...
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The question is why not? :) Its good that most cultures are giving less importance on gender bias. But of course this is not at all absolute because there are still specialties in medicine which are male-dominated, and somehow women have to prove a lot in order to enter the battlefield. Historically, most societies have been very limiting to women by assigning gender roles that are quite unfair. In the past, women have to cook, clean the house, take care of the kids and do all household chores, ...
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Yes, exactly women have shown themselves equally competent and hardworking therefore they have entered in each and every field that was previously owned by just men. It is a great achievement for women as they are fulfilling their professional duties in a superior way along with their family’s duties (I must say obligatory duties). Women’s percentage in health care profession is increasing day by day and various excelling examples have shown that women are acting proficiently in each field from ...
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