Doctors in Texas successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor for the first time

Doctors in Texas successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor for the first time

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A Texas hospital has pulled off four uterus transplants using living donors. This is the first time procedures using living donors has been performed in the US, Time reports .
7 Oct 2016 - General
In the recent times many of the married couples meet this problem that is failure to conceive a baby. That could be due to any type of malfunctioning along the tract and most are due to the malfunctioning states of ovaries and the uterus. Uterine fibroids, endometriosis are the major causes for the failure of conceiving and for the miscarriages. So this would be a good news for those who suffer because if the success rate of uterine transplantation is high, they can have hopes to have children. ...
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This is great progress indeed. It is very exacting and hope that it develops further and becomes available in asia soon. But time will tell what happens to the transplanted uterus. There are many young patients who i have seen undergone hysterectomies for some reason and their disappointment from life for not being able to bear children. For them this will be a dream come true. But i wounder what about Graft versus Host diseases or other rejections for that matter. And what about the fetuses tha...
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Here is the newest addition to the list of organs that can be transplanted. The uterus! There are women who are born without a uterus or with other congenital abnormalities that make them unable to conceive and give birth. Quite a significant number of women happen to undergo hysterectomy, before they can complete the number of children that they desire. Up until now, there was no hope for these couples except for considering a surrogate mother. This will definitely bring new hope to women who d...
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