Japanese serial killer poisons patients through IV drip bags

Japanese serial killer poisons patients through IV drip bags

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A hospital in Yokohama appears to have a serial killer known as 'Angel of Death' on the loose, subtly poisoning patients by injecting poison into unused intravenous drip bags.
7 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my goodness! This is like a movie or a thrilling book while I was reading it. It's so scary because they don't even have an idea yet, who is behind the criminal acts, but he/she is just there. No one would've known, the clues were very subtle, especially since hospitals entertain deaths on a regular. "We see many people die as we take in elderly patients, but we had the impression that the number of those dying was increasing a bit," I pray that they discover who is behi...
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I have heard for the first time about such incident as it happens in Japanese Hospital, Oguchi Hospital. It is just like an outbreak that is covering an increased number of patient’s slowly. It has been seen last month that after injecting drip the poison was transferred to the patient that leads to death as two consecutive causalities take place on 18 and 20 September in Oguchi Hospital. Investigators have reported that drips have small holes at rubber plugs and the toxic surfactant compound is...
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