Chronobiology: The study of biological rhythms

Chronobiology: The study of biological rhythms

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As Mark Wolverton writes in the first few paragraphs of Living by the Clock: The Science of Chronobiology, Chronobiology is “the study of how biological clocks work to control and regulate almost every function of life.”
7 Oct 2016 - General
This article is in favor of people who love to sleep like me. it is well accepted that sound sleep is productive in terms of maintenance of all natural functions of human body. When we sleep our brain is actually being serviced and refreshed and it makes us more dynamic and inventive at school or office. It is generally considered that sleeping is the waste of time but in actual we are helping our body by having a sound and sufficient sleep to become healthy and active. Sleep is governed by inte...
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Its true that sleep is never a waste of time. Although its absolute function remains to be defined, it has proven benefits in terms of cognition, memory, wakefulness and overall health. Evidence from these assumptions are based on studies comparing individuals with “optimal sleep” and those who are sleep deprived. Researchers have also looked into pre-industrialized societies to get an idea of how our ancestors sleep, and their findings provide evidence that our sleeping patterns are highly infl...
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