New imaging method could enable dentists to detect and heal tooth cavities much earlier

New imaging method could enable dentists to detect and heal tooth cavities much earlier

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Dental caries— tooth decay—is the most prevalent dental disease among children and adults around the world. Left too long before treatment, the disease results in difficulty eating, infection, and even tooth loss. New research published by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, in the Journal of Biomedical Optics describes a method enabling much earlier detection using inexpensive long-wavelength infrared imaging.
7 Oct 2016 - General
This is actually amazing. But I would have liked it better if the changes or caries development were presented alongside with its clinical appearance and radiographic appearance. Image (a), shows a sound tooth, right? It was extracted and then treated with something so that they could present the demineralization as it is detected by the new new imaging method? I would have liked to see a comparison of the detection clinically and radiographically, to see if such technology is truly advantageous...
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Heena Pohani Tooth decay is a prevalent disease worldwide. According to the US Surgeon General Report, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases among 5 - 17 year olds, more common than asthma, hay fever or chronic bronchitis. It is responsible for large numbers of days off school and work. The traditional treatment for tooth decay is to wait until a large cavity develops, remove decay and then place...
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Tooth decay or dental caries are very common from children to elder patients and it possesses difficulty in eating due to the presence of infection and may lead to tooth loss so they must be detected earlier. The diagnostic options currently in practice for dental caries are x-ray imaging and visual inspection of the tooth. This article is about another advanced diagnostic tool that will be more helpful in detecting dental caries at an early stage. It is an affordable Thermo photonic Lock-in Ima...
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Good news for the dentists. Currently, the methods of caries detection are limited. X-rays, caries detecting dyes and the diagnostic instruments are mostly used for detecting caries. However, if such a method is developed then it could be very beneficial as caries could be detected at an early stage. If caries is detected early, then it could be reversed or even steps can be taken to arrest the progress of caries. This technique infrared imaging, so it is projected that the whole process of diag...
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