Can you able to identify the fake Medicine... Follow the vedio link

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8 Oct 2016 - General

The World Health Professional Association has produced a video to raise awareness of the risks of counterfeit medicines and to let people know what they can do to avoid harm from them. The video exploits an interactive function of YouTube to ask the viewer to make a choice between two products.

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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta
Dear Jemelyn,

First of all, thanking you for adding How to identity the fake medicine. Please note there Is nothing to wonder about identification of fake drugs, instead It Is an awareness vedio released by world Health Professionals Association. It Is to remind you all about counterfit medicines. I dont want you to keep you sad. As I told, the vedio Is an Informative of counter...
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Madhubabu kaaja. I wonder what is the difference between fake and not fake medicines. How will we know the difference of the two? Sadly, it is not presented in the video. I was expecting something informative video. Because i, myself don't know if what i am taking is fake or not. That is why i am really interested when i clicked the video. But anyway, the video only shows the risk of taking fake medicines. That as much as you want it to help you, it will only worsen your health status. That...
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