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8 Oct 2016 - General

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Oral revalida is the culminating oral examination to test the knwoledge of students in the healthcare profession before graduation. The examination will usually consist of a 3-member panel that will determine if you are indeed ready to plunge into the world of medical field via an objective checklist. This is probably the most dreaded day for the students as the panel can ask just about anything under the sun. The lack of choices for answer , unlike in written examinations, amplifies the anxiety of exam takers. Moreover, there are some examiners who are purists. They would really like you to thread the needle before giving their hard-to-solicit approval. Nonetheless, passing the oral revalida is one of the most gratifying experiences I have encountered. The sheer joy of letting your parents know that you have made it is priceless. It also boosts one's confidence in the real world because it validates your mastery of your chosen field.

For the MIMS community, I am wondering if such an examination also takes place in other countries. I tried to search for oral revalida via search engine and most results have come from the Philippines by far. Do you have some tips to share when taking an oral exam? Personally, I think that a good knowledge of the basic subjects is a must because every aspect of our chosen craft hinges on them. For example, pathologic diseases are a deviation from the normal physiology of an organ. I would love to hear comments from everyone.

I graduated from the same university that Mark Edmon Tan attended. I am also curious if this traditional form of examination is also carried out in other countries. This is akin to the ancient Greek practice of discourse, wherein the presenter stands in front of a panel that evaluates the presenter's arguments. Since anything about medicine can be asked during the oral revalida, I had to be practical in sele...
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