Countries sign Manila Declaration on health - The Manila Times Online

Countries sign Manila Declaration on health - The Manila Times Online

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Countries from Bhutan to the Cook Islands on Saturday vowed to redouble efforts to jointly tackle the pressing issues of climate change, air pollution, safe water, sanitation and hazardous chemicals in pursuit of health and sustainable development. Concluding the Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Health and Environment, ministers and officials from 14 countries signed the Manila
9 Oct 2016 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan It was referenced to Manila because the deliberation on the initiatives there were mentioned in the article was initiated during the Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Health and Environment at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) headquarters in Manila. I hope that they will release a copy of the documents soon. I'm really curious how these experts will combat the problem on antibiot...
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It’s very good news that Asian countries are helping each other further health and environmental welfare. It;s also refreshing that our governments are not just simply responding and reacting to such issues, but are taking initiatives to improve the various aspects of health, most importantly the environment. It’s also good to hear that antimicrobial resistance is one of the issues being given much priority by the declaration. Hopefully, the various countries who have signed this declaration put...
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Climate change, air pollution, water safety and environmental issues are serious problems that we have to address. It does not only have an impact on health but on other aspects of living as well. I’m happy to read that collaborative efforts between Asian nations are being done to solve these pressing concerns. I’ve read about the environmental maintenance of Bhutan and I hope that other countries can adapt their implementation strategies on environment protection policies. It may be difficult t...
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