This new 3-D printed material acts like real bone for custom implants

This new 3-D printed material acts like real bone for custom implants

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Researchers have invented a new type of artificial bone that can be shaped using a 3-D printer for customized implants.
9 Oct 2016 - General
I'm curious to find out how useful 3D printing could be in Dentistry. Following the same principle of dental implants, using titanium "screws", the same drills can bur a hole into the jaw bone and a 3D printed tooth could be embedded. In the case of bone resorption, grafts always make people hopeful, but the truth is that (and the article stated it too), it does not always work. More often than not, grafts that are supposed to augment bone height will look promising post-surgery, b...
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It’s good that researchers are on the way to producing new artificial bone substitutes. For spine surgeries and cranioplasty, we commonly use demineralized bone matrix and bone cement respectively. The problem is, both products are being marketed at an expensive rate and there are some patients who are unable to afford this. For patients who are economically challenged, we utilize their own bone chips to stabilize the spine. However, the healing process takes a longer time. About the artificial ...
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3-D technology is helping mankind up to great extent. The invention of a 3-D printer is advantageous in printing different types of 3-D structures including even plant pots. This research is about the printing of artificial bones by 3-D printer for implantation into the human body. The researchers have printed animal’s skull and it is tested in the monkey. It is a great news to see that within four weeks new blood vessels formation has started in the skull and it is fully integrated and vascular...
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