Male children born by IVF will proceed their fathers' fertility problems!

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9 Oct 2016 - General

It has been found that male children who got conceived by in vitro fertilization will proceed their fathers' fertility problems in the latter life when they become sexually active. It has been found that they also have sperms with a poor quality and the number of the sperms or in other words sperm concentration is also lesser than those who were born naturally. Quantitatively, it is a two fold reduction of the normal sperm count and they are lack of motile sperms that can reach the egg to be fertilized. So this generation flow will need IVF for all the generations to have children. Unfortunately there is no option for this problem.

Awww. How about for the female children who got conceived in InVitro Fertilization Dc. Rajinda Asalage ? I don't think the parents of this born child will think of this problem because most of those parents who performed or choose this type of way is eager to have their own kids. But thank you for sharing this informative article. Atleast this can be presented to the future parents who wants to have a child f...
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