Von Willebrand Disease

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9 Oct 2016 - General

It is a rare disease effecting few people in USA. Follw the link and share your experiences

Madhubabu kaaja My experience it giving desmopressin is limited to treatment of post-operative diabetes insipidus in patients with sellar or suprasellar lesions. For hematologic disorders, its hard for me to comment because these patients do not follow up with me for hematologic problems. Both patients that I described were mostly treated with replacement therapy when I saw them. However, I have reviewed evidence...
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This inherited bleeding disorder is quite rate in our country. According to data from the Philippine Hemophilia foundation, it is present in 1-3% of the population, affecting both genders. It commonly presents with easy brusing, frequent nosebleeds, heavy menstual periods and mucosal bleedings. In my experience, I’ve only encountered two patients. Once was when I was a medical clerk, my patient is a newborn who presented with intractable jaundice that did not improve with strandard forms of ther...
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