More young Asian women are diagnosed with breast cancer

More young Asian women are diagnosed with breast cancer

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Despite advances in healthcare, breast cancer incidences in Asia are rising rapidly. The risk of developing the disease increases with age, but Asian women are being diagnosed at a younger age compared to their Western counterparts. "The peak age of breast cancer is about 10 years younger in Asia. There is also a suggestion that there may be a difference in the tumour biology of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Asian nations as compared to Western nations.
9 Oct 2016 - General
When I was a general surgery resident, I already noticed that there are a lot of women in their 20-30's consulting for breast lumps. A lot of these are either benign breast disease and some are early stage breast cancer. I am not sure if the rising incidence is due to improved awareness or because of the availability of diagnostic equipment. This article also cultural barriers to treatment than I have commonly seen in clinics. Patients who have fungating lesions usually do not consult becaus...
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