Verbal Diarrhea on Social Media

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10 Oct 2016 - General

This year, our country appointed a new President. As you might already know, he is gaining popularity because of his unconventional way of expressing himself (cursing at Pres Obama, UN and EU) and his war against drug addiction in the country. Unfortunately, this is dividing our nation into fanatics that support him, and those who finds his ways immoral. This problem is becoming so serious because people tend to express their opinions in social media. Some even go to the extent of personally attacking others because they don't agree with their opinion. This whole verbal diarrhea in the social media community is bothersome to the point that I considered deleting my social media account.

What do you think of online bashing and cyberbullying? Is it a problem in your region? Is it too late to quit social media?

Heena Pohani I’m sorry to hear that people react that way to different opinions. So its really that bad huh? People cannot tolerate another's opinion resorting to communal riots! Am i supposed to be happy that this is not yet happening in my country? I really hope that it doesn't lead to that. Although what I have observed is that people are starting to break long-term friendships just because of politic...
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Oh this is a nice topic. Just so you know, I am a Pro-Duterte supporter and I agree with you on the attack because it is so painful to see things all over the internet. My problem with this issue is that it feels as though people are not allowed to have an opinion anymore. I remember before the elections, when the word "Dutertard" was first mentioned, it felt so insulting. But then you also get people screaming "Yellowtard". You read commentaries on news articles with one sid...
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@Marinelle Castro - This is the problem in India too. I believe online bashing and cyberbullying is prevalent in most of the developed and developing nations. The scenario you presented is that of a political event. However, even for minor events like school fights cyberbullying is being used. Social media is the platform where everyone is free to express his or her opinion and even can do it many times being anonymous. In India, once such a condition led to communal riots and the government had...
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