Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as 'game changer' - BBC News

Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as 'game changer' - BBC News

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An immunotherapy drug is described as a potential "game changer" in promising trial results on advanced cancers.
10 Oct 2016 - General
This is a real game-changer. What many people cannot deal with about cancer is the degradation that is synonymous to the illness--not to mention pain. Suicide related to cancer is not uncommon and it is for this reason that such a breakthrough is mos...
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Thank you for sharing this. I was not aware of such drugs that can help the person to be stable and active during chemotherapy. I have seen patients suffering the side effects of chemotherapy in a negative way. It affects the patient psychologically ...
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Gone are the days wherein all patients diagnosed with cancer have to deal with hair loss, weight loss, nausea and vomiting. The recent advances in cancer therapy makes it possible for a person to be on chemotherapy (also called immunotherapy) and at ...
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