Wearables - Are they alone enough for improving health?

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10 Oct 2016 - General

Fitbit, jawbone, sony smartband - there are so many different types of wearables available in the market. The wearable technology is becoming more affordable and many people now resort to these gadgets for improving health. But my question is "Can these gadgets work alone to improve the health?" My husband bought a fitbit few months back. Being a technology geek, he bought the latest model of the wearable with the updated features. He used it initially for monitoring the steps taken, calories burnt and other functions. However, after some time he got bored and that device is just lying in my cupboard. I believe that the use of such wearable devices if joined with some reward, motivates human to use it for a prolonged time. I have even heard from my friends and relatives, many of them have stopped using such devices after few months. Have you too experienced this or have any idea how to keep the motivation factor active for a long time for the use of wearables?

The number of wearable devices that are available has been increasing at a rapid rate in the recent few years. is a new type of wearable device each day, and the market is also becoming pretty competitive that newer and gadgets with better functionality are being built for much cheaper than they were a few years back. I read an article, and I think I shared that on this site too. It said that using wearable devices actually reduces the effectiveness of physical exercise because we completely rel...
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Honestly these are devices to assist in your mission to a healthy lifestyle. It is never to guarantee you will be healthy. Technologies like these are invented because there are some concerned citizens that want to be healthy and stay fit by keeping track of their progress. Many times, people have the misconception of these products and end up saying it is useless. Well, that all depends on the reason why you purchased it in the first place. I am a fitness freak but i try not to rely on these th...
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