Disclosing Our Own Errors!

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10 Oct 2016 - General

Do we have to tell a patient if we make an error in their care and, if so, under what circumstances?

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Francis NFA Dear Francis, It is purely case by case basis, and depends on the conditions also. In My view, Its best to minimize the Errors. If It occoured and non severe Its better to not to...
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Disclosing one's errors takes not only honesty but also a lot of courage. Everyone makes mistakes, that's a given but as doctors we always have to uphold our values. I believe the general rule is to be honest at all times and disclose errors ...
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Md Shamim Reza Dear Shahim, errors are human made. But generally accepted that open disclosure is the right thing to do. Elements of open disclosure include an expression of regret and a fa...
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To err is human. We are doctors, but human being too. It is not possible for us to be 100% accurate. I think the disclosure of errors may not be a good job. Because we will not be able to undo those errors completely. But the patients may lose their ...
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