Colonic Diverticulosis Vs Diverticulitis

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10 Oct 2016 - General

A colonic diverticulum is usually false or pulsion diverticulum with only the mucosa and submucosa herniating through the muscle layers of the colon. The prevalence rate of colonic diverticula will be increasing with ages. Majority of the diverticula will be loacted at left side of the colon (sigmoid colon and descending colon). Having diverticula will be at risk of developing the diverticulitis. The theory behind the diverticulitis is that the narrow neck of the diverticulum becomes obstructed by fecal material, may lead to bacterial overgrowth and causing the distention of the diverticulum, culminating in focal ischemia, which may lead to perforation. The common presentation will be severe abdominal pain (usually left iliac fossa pain/left lower quadrant). Imaging study like CT-scan of Abdomen will be the ideal investigation is we suspect the diagnosis of acute diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis was a common presentation when I was doing my clinical rotations in the adult surgical wards. But, working in a pediatric surgical unit, it is not as common as it is in adult surgical wards. DIverticulosis is a benign condition, and it often goes undiagnosed in patients who are otherwise healthy. But as you said, the problem occurs when there is obstruction to the lumen of the diverticulum which can then lead to bacterial infection and perforation. DIverticular disease is a differ...
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You Yi Hong Colonic Diverticulum , if i am not wrong is a very common condition in the developed world and the most common cause that has been identified is low fiber diet which is very widespread diet in such countries.Therefore if high fiber diet is introduced in the meals then this problem can be avoided to some degrees . Constipation also is one of the reasons for its occurrences which can be due to diet or ...
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