This is why we should all be covering all our buildings with plants

This is why we should all be covering all our buildings with plants

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Buildings covered in a carpet of vegetation and greenery are sprouting up all over the world - look at One Central Park in Sydney, Bosco Verticale in Milan, or Oasia Hotel Downtown in Singapore.
11 Oct 2016 - General
Here in the Philippines, many houses usually allow creeping plants growing on the walls around their houses and sometimes it looks good, but it could look quite creepy and messy if it is not maintained really well. The article says it right, it would look as if the building has been abandoned, as greenery as been allowed to overcome it, but if this becomes a norm then the "work" and "maintenance" may be well worth it if the benefits will be abundant. I can just imagine how ha...
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It can be a good idea to reduce the threat of global warming. The environment of our planet is being polluted day by day. Due to the presence of CO2 and other toxic gasses world temperature is rising.We all know about the dangerous effects of global warming. To combat this situation, tree plantation has no other alternatives. But it is difficult to get enough space in the urban area for tree plantation. So, covering the building with plants can be a very good option specially in crowded cities....
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This is a real pretty sight to see when you are living in an urban area with no green at all. Cities are being urbanized at a very rapid rate. Many roads, buildings, apartments are being built. And the area of land that is available is not enough to meet the high demand, so buildings and skyscrapers are going up story after the other. This all happens at the expense of the nature. The more building you have, the less room you have for the nature. and this is why modern architectures are trying t...
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