Young scientist creates smart bandage to aid wound healing

Young scientist creates smart bandage to aid wound healing

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Thirteen-year-old Anushka Maiknaware has raised the bar for teenagers and healthcare professional alike with her clever innovation for wound care.
11 Oct 2016 - General
I thought teens nowadays are only into fashion and busy beautifying theirselves to grow up. But then I was wrong! My goodness, where do these kids get their brain from? haha. I just couldn't imagine myself at 13, I was just a first year highschool student, busy with my friends and playing ballgames. The parents of this kids must be very proud of them. I wonder how their brain think like, a mature individual, a kid or it must have skipped a certain developmental stage. A genius! This simple i...
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Amazing! At thirteen, I was either playing volleyball or hanging out with friends! The exposure to advanced technology really has some advantages when it comes to learning and being innovative at a young age. This would have been unthinkable back in the 90's! Anyway, her invention is remarkable because moisture detection will really help in wound management. Until now, there is no standard on how much moisture accelerates or inhibits wound healing. Based on experience, most wounds need a cer...
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Really, at thirteen, I was definitely not as inspired and wise as this one. Haha. What's happened to me? Anyway this band-aid is amazing and the science behind it is so beyond my capacity, but I believe that wound healing is often a tricky thing, especially where chronic wounds are concerned. Infection easily sets in or healing is impaired. The chip built within the band-aid is meant to detect the state of the wound under it---so you do not have to remove it, to check. This kid is amazing. I...
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