Negligence by Singaporean fertility centre leads to mix-up during IVF treatment

Negligence by Singaporean fertility centre leads to mix-up during IVF treatment

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A woman who conceived via IVF at Thomson Fertility Centre gave birth to a daughter who had her genes, but not her husband’s.
11 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my goodness! We knew that this is just one in a million cases of not following the so called standard operating procedures. The company may have cut the budget to comply with what is needed to be done for them to deliver the quality services to the clients. However we are talking about IVF and well, this entails a lot of money and how could they not secured the process. Couples seeking this type of service are really in great despair and anxiety of hoping to bear a child of their own and this...
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It is truly beyond expectations and it will be shocking for the girl who has an unknown father. Negligence and mistakes at such sensitive levels must be highly punished. What will be the future of the family and what will be the future of the poor baby girl? There should be disposable pots for both sperms and egg and after fertilization, they must be discarded to avoid such mistakes. I think both eggs and sperms must be confirmed minimum three times before fertilization because it is a matter of...
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Negligence in health care field is a serious offence. All the medical and paramedical healthcare professionals receive training where they are made to realize the harsh consequences if their actions went wrong. In this case, too, the fertility centre should be punished for what it has a done. Moreover, I think that it depends upon money and quality. Many people want quick treatment at low cost and this can affect the quality of treatment. Most of the reputable institutions that charge high provi...
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