PH: National smoking ban soon

PH: National smoking ban soon

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Health advocates will rejoice once the Executive Order mandating a nationwide smoking ban in all public places is signed this month.
11 Oct 2016 - General
This is a great move by the government to improve the health of the Filipino people. However, I am a previous chronic smoker and I must say the the addiction is real. Having said that, the government should not ailenate smokers from the society. They should be provided with areas wherein they can smoke freely. After all, quitting is a personal decision and frankly it is not an easy thing to do. For the sake of argument, consumption of too much sugar is also bad for one's health. But why is i...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan i hope this decision is taken all over the world, smoking don't just harm smokers it harms everyone else by secondhand smoking.
When a pregnant woman breathes in secondhand smoke, chemicals from the smoke can pass through her lungs into the bloodstream. Nicotine, carbon monoxide and other chemicals can cross the placenta affecting her unborn child. Women exposed to secondhand smoke a...
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Smoking kills; smoking cause slung cancers; these are the advertisements published in the cigarette packs in Sri Lanka. And when a shot is played in the TV showing smoking, they also put an advise on the TV to not to smoke. But that has not become an effective method of wiping smoking away from the public. Smoking causes and triggers a huge number of disease conditions in the human body from the head top to the foot bottom. Every system is affected by smoking. So it should be definetely banned f...
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Wow! Really? This is a huge step for the current administration! Thinking that there are big companies who will be a great loss in the economy of our country, however this is advantageous and is really helpful for all the citizens of the Philippines. I can now imagine a smoke free place! Like yaaah!!! A paradise! Lol. But kidding aside, I just hope that it will be implemented strictly. That everyone will obey and follow the law and rules. Thanks for sharing this article my friend ...
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Now I am getting much excited with the governments surprises. Local news has been dealing about the campaign on drugs and stories about extra judicial killings. Now this is a positive campaign and a starting step to keep the Filipinos healthy and lessen smoking. Though I don't smoke, they say smoking is really addicting. Others would say it relieves stress, help them relax, release tension and keep them calm through the days however there are articles saying that these are only myths. As hea...
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