What You Need to Know About Massage Sexual Assaults After Ali Vincent’s Experience

What You Need to Know About Massage Sexual Assaults After Ali Vincent’s Experience

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Ali Vincent recently disclosed that she regained weight she had shed on The Biggest Loser after a sexual assault during a massage traumatized her. How common are such attacks?
11 Oct 2016 - General
I am totally with same gender masseuse. Although it is not totally free from discomfort sometimes, it is definitely safer especially for women. I must agree with the article that inappropriate touching and inappropriate comments are much commoner than people may think. The perpetrator usually does not get caught from the first or the second time of course. The traumatic effects some victims may develop and it can be long standing and not easy to resolve by time. If you have to get a massage ses...
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This is a very important topic for women's protection. No one should experience such traumatic event especially when a person wants to escape from the stressors of life. As for your question, I would prefer either gender to perform massage therapy. The most important thing I consider is if the massage therapist is trained. Getting a trained masseuse means that the he/she is knowledgeable of basic anatomy. For the record, the Philippines is filled with charlatans who pose as masseuse in order...
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Aww. Who loves massage?? This is quite depressing. It is very unfortunate for those ladies who was sexually harrassed. This kind of incident should not be kept in silent. We need to protect other ladies who are planing to have a massage too. This is the reason why i prefer a female person to do my massage. It is mainly because i am more comfortable if the person doing my massage is same gender with me. And to avoid unnecessary touching of my body. How about anyone in this community? Do you have ...
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