5 Things You Cannot Live Without in the Hospital

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11 Oct 2016 - General

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As I was driving to the hospital this morning, the morning radio station hosts were talking about the 5 essentials one cannot leave the house without. It was fun hearing the answers of the callers because their essentials revealed their personality. Essential is really a relative word and people see things differently. While tuning in to the radio's topic, a light bulb appeared. What if we discussed something like this in the MIMS community with a little twist. What would be the 5 things you cannot live without in the hospital or workplace? I would love to hear your top 5 with explanations as to why. Here's my top 5:

1.) License Stamp aka Trodat - It is a requirement when writing an order in the chart because a resident-in-training's name must be seen legibly. For me, it is more for the convenience of writing my name and license number over and over again

2.) Ballpen - I need one because we live under a rock when it comes to hospital paperwork. Everything has to be written by hand. 

3.) Mobile phone - I need constant communication with loved ones and co-workers. Since I am still in residency training, consultants have to be informed of important matters concerning patients. It serves as a quick reference material too. Sometimes, I use the flashlight for physical examination :))

4.) Alcohol - I use alcohol whenever I finish seeing a patient. It serves to protect me and the next patient from possible infection.

5.) Stethoscope - Need I say more?

An interesting topic. The device which I need the most in the ward is my mobile phone. Why I say like that, because the communication between my seniors is very important when I meet emergencies. If there is no cell phone with me a half of my job could not have been completed. To the next of the list I would like to include a pen. Since I am not the consultant or the boss of my unit, I have to document everything and my seniors do need to write what I do as well. I need a net surfing device. I u...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama That is absolutely hilarious! hahaha It takes a swift mind to take note of that. There is truly a problem if one cannot live without alcohol. Of course, it is rubbing alcohol :)) I am a staunch believer in maintaining the hands clean to keep infection, especially upper respiratory tract infections. Oh yes, performing DRE is somewhat a routine physical examination in your field. I agree tha...
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I kept reading your text, and suddenly stopped at alcohol. It read 'I use alcohol whenever I finish seeing a patient.' I was like, really! Alcohol in the hospital? Then the next line made sense that you were referring to alcohol handrub and not the type you would have in a glass :D My 5 essentials is slightly different. In surgery the stethoscope is not used much often. We use the glove and lignocaine gel ( For DRE ) more often that we use the steth. Not because we are not supposed to ch...
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