Hypertension is known to cause dementia!

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12 Oct 2016 - General

High blood pressure causes so many disease conditions. Some of the researchers have revealed that there is a known association with high blood pressure and the cognitive impairment like dementia. This happens specially in middle aged adults. The well known complications of the high blood pressure are stroke, acute coronary syndromes and heart failure. Dementia is defined as declining of brain functions in order to the reduced blood supply to the brain hence a vascular cognitive impairment. So the analysis reveals that their is an association between high blood pressure and latter life cognitive impairment. So it should be encouraged to have the blood pressure values within the normal ranges to prevent these irritating complications.

Unfortunately, long-standing high blood pressure eventually lead to poor cerebral perfusion. At first, the brain try to compensate by physiologic vasodilatation by ensuring optimal perfusion. However, sometimes hypertension is so severe that compensa...
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Yeah, hypertension is the most powerful risk factor of vascular dementia.Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause problems by damaging the blood vessels in your brain. Over time, this raises the risk of a blood vessel becoming blocked or bursting....
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