Mucus Color: What Mucus Says About Your Health | Reader's Digest

Mucus Color: What Mucus Says About Your Health | Reader's Digest

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Mucus protects our body by trapping bacteria and particles. The color and texture of your mucus can give clues about your overall health.
12 Oct 2016 - General
Yes. Mucus color can indicate a condition inside our bodies. But I must say we can not depend only on the color of the mucus. Because there are some instances the color of the mucus does not imply the true condition. But a yellow color mucus implies a rush of white blood cells to the site of infection. Most of the time that could be the begining of the secondary bacterial infection. A green color mucus implies the massive fight of white blood cells against the microbes. Pinkish or reddish mucus ...
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I doubt if these facts are scientifically accurate, but there was this interesting article titled '8 Things Your Mucus Says About Your Health' on Reader's Digest. Each of the 8 points given look very simple, but we don't really look at it that way. We as doctors pay very little attention to the details of the mucous the patient is secreting. The only instance I ask to examine a patient's sputum is if a patient complains of nasal bleeding. Assessment of the level of dehydratio...
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