How can nurses fight sexual harassment?

How can nurses fight sexual harassment?

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The Malaysian Code of Practice (1999) defines sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature that can be perceived by the receiver as putting a sexual condition on his or her employment. Sadly, nurses are not as safe from these unwanted harassments as we might wish, and these could come from patients, superiors, colleagues or the like.
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Great solution you have there Habiba Twakkol. Regarding item #2 in the article, it would be really scary and tricky to confront the perpetrator, especially if this is going to be done in private. As you know, people who sexually harass others may have psychological issues, and confronting them might create more problems like being threatened, worsening of harassment, or worse, since he is of authority, he might u...
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Pearly Neo
There are a number of steps that you can take to reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring in your workplace. Although you may not be able to take all of the steps listed below, you should take as many of them as you can.

Adopt a clear sexual harassment policy. In your employee handbook, you should have a policy devoted to sexual harassment. That policy should:
define sexual hara...
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This is quite a sensitive topic for everyone most especially in the hospital setting. In my personal experience in the hospital, I guess we never have this kind of cases or could also be, undocumented cases which has been mentioned in the article. Sexual harrassement can either be in a form of verbal or physical abuse. An immediate attention should be given if this will happen most especially in the hospital setting. Victims should be protected most especially if the nurses are the victims, prot...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Yes, there was one such complaint in our institution. The male perpetrator took advances to a female co-worker when the latter asked for help in dealing with computer technicalities. The perpetrator focused on the victim's bosom instead of the computer monitor while "helping" his co-worker. Another female co-worker noticed the voyeur and reported it immediately to her supervisor....
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I agree with you Pearly Neo . It can happen to anyone, because the nature of your job is not an exception. However, we should not let the perpetrator continue to degrade the victim. The victim should record or document what happen. And he or she should report the case right away to their superiors, HR department or anyone in authority/ high position. In this article, it is stated that sexual harassments includes ...
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