After death of two men, Malaysia's MOH to probe into state of ambulances and response times

After death of two men, Malaysia's MOH to probe into state of ambulances and response times

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A recent viral post of the death of a man in Subang Jaya after an ambulance took 35 minutes to arrive, has led the Health Ministry to say that such incidents are "isolated cases".
12 Oct 2016 - General
It is unfair to patients and their relatives to receive such treatment by an ambulance in such an emergency situation. Ambulances should always be prepared and must always have a sense of urgency so that medical help can be provided promptly. I still remember one article about an incident in Malaysia which involved an ambulance that did not provide proper care for the patient. they basically mistreated the patient causing the patient to fall due to an equipment failure and there was no maintenan...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz I agree with the points you stated. It took the operator 7 minutes to contact an ambulance for a patient who complained of chest pain. Those were 7 precious minutes that could have saved the patient. In the Philippines, we have the same problem. Private ambulances advise that it will take them 30 minutes to be able to get to a site. The response time of an ambulance is insufficient to rescue peo...
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Although the two cases were isolated, the details told by the relatives reveal how probable this incident may recur. First of all, lack of compassion is one of the most common misconducts in the medical field. Usually it is not intentional but due to the adaptation that happens over the time. Health care workers including paramedics in ambulances should know that their verbal as well as non-verbal gestures have a great impact on the patient and his/her relatives. Another vital issue present was ...
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