World Health Organization Urges Countries to Tax Sugary Drinks to Fight Obesity

World Health Organization Urges Countries to Tax Sugary Drinks to Fight Obesity

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The statement was timed for World Obesity Day
12 Oct 2016 - General
I love this proposal. There was a previous study that showed Caucasians drinking 20% of their total caloric intake. 1/5 of the daily calories came from drinks. Unbelievable! It is about time that we focus on curbing obesity. Liquor and cigarettes are taxed heavily because they are deemed as a luxury. Are sugary drinks a necessity? Definitely not! They are a form of luxury and should be taxed accordingly too. Maybe this will help prevent people from gulping down 600-calorie milkshakes masqueradin...
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In my opinion, inducing taxes on sugary drinks will increase their price and it may help to curb obesity to some extent. If the drink is costly then people may resort to other options. However, this cannot be generalized. Moreover, many other factors are responsible for obesity. Among them all, I believe the government should also enforce some strict measures on fast food chains like Mc Donalds, Burger King and Subway. The incidence of obesity is quite prevalent among children and this step may ...
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Do you think Taxation on sugary drinks will perhaps lessen the cases of obesity? In my opinion, putting taxes or not, if the person is dedicated to decrease or to reduce weight, even with out proposing tax increase he or she is not tempted to buy such. Discipline and dedication will always depend to the person affected. It will always bounce back to them. Just like for example, there is a person who is encourage to stop smoking since that person is asthmatic. However, this person is still smokin...
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