Cholera storm after hurricane maththew!

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12 Oct 2016 - General

We all know that Haiti people experienced an unpleasant thing two weeks back. They have lost 1027 people according to the newest reports. With the hurricane Matthew, it has been reported that a cholera crisis has taken place in Haiti and it is being spread-ed so rapidly among the refugees and it has become the secondary cause of deaths following the disaster. The victims are living in compact areas and it has been reported that the hygiene is very poor due to the rush and the garbage dumping systems are malfunctioning due to huge garbage load. So the water resources have got mixed with faeces. So it has been advised to drink boiled water and not to take fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most of the times, after a natural disaster there comes a few more waves of endemics, that can take even more lives than the natural disaster did. Hurricane matthew is no exc exception. Sri Lanka, even when we have our health indicators at a very high level face such incidents usually after a natural disaster. We had a major flooding in the recent past. Lives were lost, thousands of people lost their homes and property. And then came a peak in dengue, leptospirosis and viral gastroenteritis. Peo...
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It is sad to hear that the situtation in Haiti is bad after being inflicted with hurricane Matthew. Local health officials should look closely into the current situation because other communicable diseases can become more transmissible. This is common in evacuation centers where respiratory tract infections are transmitted left and right. I hope that the local government finds a solution of bringing in safe potable water for the victims. May other countries find the generosity to help Haiti as i...
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The incidence of a medical epidemic during or after a natural disaster is a common event. The hurricane Mathew has already damage in terms of property and human life. Moreover, this outbreak can be serious if it is not controlled immediately. Proper sanitation if not maintained can lead to serious effects and such outbreaks of disease prove that. At this time, it is important in terms of humanity to provide medicines, care, and food to the affected people. At the same time, it is equally importa...
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