China’s FDA says 80% of data from clinical trials in the country are ‘fabricated’

China’s FDA says 80% of data from clinical trials in the country are ‘fabricated’

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A review of 1,622 clinical pharmaceutical trials in China revealed that 80% of evidence has been falsified, often to conceal adverse side effects.
12 Oct 2016 - General
80% is a huge figure! This really puts all the researches to question. I must say that this really isn't limited to china but how widespread it is , is hard to say. And trying to control this problem is going to be a real problem as it would definitely be very difficult to have a check on all the clinical trials but such fabrication can be reduced by rigorous efforts . Low quality ingredients is also prevalent in Pakistani market that has been imported from china. In clinical practice i hav...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan thank you for sharing this article it is important to discuss it.
In many scientific fields, results are often difficult to reproduce accurately, being obscured by noise, artifacts, and other extraneous data. That means that even if a scientist does falsify data, they can expect to get away with it – or at least claim innocence if their results conflict with others in the same fiel...
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Ahhh. I believe that this situation only holds true for China, but this may be the case with the studies and clinical trials done in most of the other countries. The results of blindfolded or even double blindfolded clinical trials are modified. The pharmaceutical companies and the big businesses rule and everything has to be set in favor of them. In today's world, where diagnosis, management and all other factors of disease are handled through evidence, the results are modified for selfish ...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan It is very bad to do against ethics for manipulation of clinical data based on which regulatory bodies gives the approval of the medicine. For a generic drug the manipulation risks are likely low as the already existed in the market from a long time. Coming to the new drugs, the serious side effects arouse during post-market studies the mistake come into picture. They should not play w...
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It’s quite alarming to find out that a very large percentage of clinical trials are fraudulent. It really is appalling to think that people in the health care industry can stomach such practices that can possibly bring harm and even death to patients. I hope the scientists and companies committing these fraudulent acts be brought to justice, especially for the welfare of the patients and consumers. Hopefully, something can be done to impose the proper standards. I also hope that the United Natio...
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