Study Finds Risk Of Heart Attack Tripled By Exercising While Angry

Study Finds Risk Of Heart Attack Tripled By Exercising While Angry

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Exercising while angry is not a good idea, says a study by the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation. According to researchers, heavy physical exertion when one is angry or emotionally upset could trigger a heart
13 Oct 2016 - General
A very interesting finding! I was wondering about why this is as I was reading the article. Yes, I might agree with Marinelle Castro with the cause being sympathetic overload. I’ve heard of many people doing physical activity while being angry or upset, such as going on a run, going to the gym, taking out their anger on a sport, etc, to “cool their heads.” Thus, I think this finding has to be stressed to patient...
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Such an interesting topic to tackle with. As we are exposed with the facts that exercise is one way maintaining a healthy lifestyle and there are only factors that can trigger or can cause heart attack such as age, smoking, obesity or high blood pressure. This study present another factor that can be the reason of a healthy person at risk to cardiac arrest. However, this study does not mean that everyone should stop exercising. Instead, it encourage to avoid physical activity when the person is...
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Fedelic Ashish Toppo Thank you for sharing this recent study. I always thought that exercising is a good way to blow off steam. It may seem to hit two birds with one stone because you are doing something positive with your emotional state. However, this new study shows that it may increase the risk of heart attack. As ...
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I don't think I have heard of a similar study so thanks for sharing this Fedelic Ashish Toppo The mechanism is actually quite unclear, but perhaps it has something to do with adding stress to the heart muscle. When we are angry, our sympathetic nervous system overrules and it makes the heart pump faster and harder due to the stimulation of beta receptors. Similarly when we engage in a strenuous physical acti...
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