Interleaving- Key to Stroke Patient Recovery?

Interleaving- Key to Stroke Patient Recovery?

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A recent study has found out that slight alterations to practices, or interleaving, may be more beneficial to learning than practicing the same routine over and over again. These findings may be key to speeding up the recovery process for those who have experienced strokes.
13 Oct 2016 - General
These are just studies that can assist in the recovery of stroke patients and if found to be successful, it can be used worldwide. With a mission to allow patients to recover faster then usual. Which is everybody's aim. How does it work i do not ...
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Stroke rehabilitation is the most complex and unpredictable in our field. No two stroke patients are alike and the pattern of recovery really varies. When I have stroke inpatients, I usually find myself tweaking the program every week to ensure that ...
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It's honestly the first time that I have heard of the term "interleaving". From my perspective, I think what it can potentially do is to improve attention span and the ability to concentrate. I can liken this to a medical student who st...
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Interesting article highlights the value of mixing different teaching methods on the professional performance and educational progress. A slight change in your daily routine as a doctor can help you see unnoticed details faster than usual. The recent...
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