The houseman's guide on surviving with little sleep

The houseman's guide on surviving with little sleep

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The heavy work schedules of housemen (HOs) often leave them with little time for sleep and relaxation. They will have to find ways to survive and perform well on less sleep than an average person.
13 Oct 2016 - General
I think everyone in the health care profession has had his or her own share of sleep deprivation. The tips here are really helpful, and yes, I agree that they have to be adapted based on what works for you individually. I for one am not a napping person. I find it difficult to fall asleep for a nap, especially when not in bed. It takes me a period of time to fall asleep that I would just realize that my nap time is up and I haven’t fallen asleep yet, haha. For me, the ultimate cure for sleep dep...
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Sleep deprivation is really inevitable deep into a training program. Dedication to the chosen craft calls for willingness to sacrifice comfort and rest. The tips that were shared in the article are really helpful. One that really caught my eye is consumption of sugary food and beverages that makes one more sleepy. Eating heavy meals will also sabotage alertness throughout the day. Rapid spikes and decline in blood sugar are responsible for fluctuating alertness and performance. Taking a cold sho...
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I agree with Priscilla Mae Gobuyan that all the tips that were mentioned are really helpful but it has to be modified to one’s personal ability to cope. I am chronically sleep-deprived because I've been an insomniac since my college years. This was aggravated by the nature of my work wherein I'm always on call. One advise that I can give to cope with this lifestyle is to get rest whenever you can. I also...
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We in the healthcare setting is guilty of this sleep deprivation and relaxtion. I really find all the topics here in the community such of a great help to our fitness and how to stay healthy. Cold water can really help us refreshen and stay awake and alert, as to warm water relieves stress and works for me best after a tiring day. Taking coffee more than a cup an hour could be an exaggeration but who knows, there are really people taking more than a cup an hour. I just couldn't imagine how m...
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