Heart Rate Wristband Monitors Often Inaccurate

Heart Rate Wristband Monitors Often Inaccurate

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In test of 4 models, 2 provided 'suboptimal' readings during exercise; none as accurate as chest strap
13 Oct 2016 - General
An average of 6 percent or less of error is not so bad in my point of view. Yes it would matter to elite athletes and cardiac patients but they would not have used these kind of things to monitor their heart rate. An athlete probably would but i am sure they have to some a more advance device to monitor their heart rate while running. especially something that is closer to their bod, rather then something they just put on their wrist. For cardiac patients, I am sure doctors or cardiologist would...
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Yes right, wrist based heart rates are really hitting the market nowadays. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thanks for sharing this link. The most common wrist based bands that I known are Fitbit and of course, apple watches. They are designed to be of like a medical band but is not really for accurate measurement for heart rates. For me I don't find this really necessary buying these gadgets if my purpose is only for me...
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More wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, letting you gauge your fitness with a quick read of your pulse. But after reading these article, it only proves that wristband monitors are not advised since it is not as accurate as chest strap especially if you are exercising. If you're an athlete and you're using your heart rate to guide training, or you're a cardiac patient who's been given specific heart rate targets or ranges, use a chest strap for accurate result...
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