Medical malpractice suits and lying: Dilemma for doctors amidst peer pressure

Medical malpractice suits and lying: Dilemma for doctors amidst peer pressure

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Dr. Lars Aanning lied while testifying as a witness in a medical malpractice trial to protect his coworker. The jury sided in favour of his colleague, and he has felt haunted by his action ever since.
13 Oct 2016 - General
I think that the courtroom should have an independent expert witness to review medical malpractice cases. After all, the topic in question is if the doctor has followed clinical guidelines and performed according to the best knowledge and intentions. The courtroom has to set objective criteria in measuring competence and should not base it on a co-worker's opinion. What if the reverse happened? This could work both ways because one could also perjure him/herself to damage the reputation of a...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Administrative litigation is one of every doctor's nightmare. After all the physical and emotional investment that we have to give up in order to build a good reputation in our profession, I am certain that nobody wants to be put on the spotlight and be questioned about his competency. If I'm put in such a situation, I will refuse to be an expert witness against a colleague. However, th...
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The mentioned case has sparked a huge debate in the western medical community. Doctors are highly likely to be judged very harshly. An opinion by another Physician on whether previous work/operations/doctoring is substandard should have no bearing on the particular case being discussed. In my opinion, It would have been honourable thing if he had advised the defence attorney that he could not testify on his partner's behalf, and wouldn’t have perjured himself if forced to testify. Doctors h...
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