Health Ministry responds to concerns over closing of laboratory tests in Malaysia due to lack of funds

Health Ministry responds to concerns over closing of laboratory tests in Malaysia due to lack of funds

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After reports of shortages in laboratory tests and medicine supply, the deputy minister and director-general of MOH sought to reassure the healthcare community of the Ministry’s commitment to addressing budget concerns.
14 Oct 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz it is really optimizing that the government doesn't ignore the complain of Malaysian society as such a problem will lead to a huge complications to patients.
I think that if the malaysian government set a system and restrictions for the private health sectors concerning the pricing or increase tax. On private sectors income , this may help to decrease the load of requirements on the gove...
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It's a good news that the Malaysian government has intervened this matter and is looking for solutions for such serious situation. Ina developing nation, when the quality of healthcare services is improved, many times there arises an increase in the number of people utilising these services leading to scarcity of resources. These situations where the funds don't meet the demands are more common in developing countries. I believe that once the government intervenes such situations, there ...
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Now these are just one of the articles I've reqd regarding the economic status of Malaysia going down. I do agree that providing the best healthcare possible to its people provided with limited resources are one of the biggest challenges of any country in the world. Good thing that we are hearing some feedback from the Ministry of Health regarding the news on the cost cuttings in healthcare benefits which means they have acknowledge the problem itself. I know that they are doing their very b...
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The Malaysian ministry of health’s official explains that the rise in the patient’s number visiting the governmental hospitals is due to the improved health services provided by the government. This pressure might be a reason for the increased demand for resources that is manifested in the lack of some test kits. I am sure that the governmental health care workers in Malaysia are doing their best in the sake of their patients’ wellbeing. However, the concerns regarding the budget cuts are real. ...
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