Here's how many years of good health you can expect

Here's how many years of good health you can expect

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We're living longer - but how many years of GOOD health you can expect depends a lot on where you live.
14 Oct 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan Tahira Nawaz These type of studies could be done around the globe, from the data we can interpret the healthy lon...
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It is a very informative article that is providing an extensive detail about life expectancy in different health conditions. This study has concluded that an individual having poor health condition has extended life expectancy as compared to an indiv...
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This is a great article Madhubabu kaaja . Indeed, it is not about the number of years in our life but the life in those years. It is the first time I have encountered the term healthy years ...
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The healthy life is dependent on the several factors . The Office for National Statistics has published new figures giving their estimated life expectancy for people in different parts of the England. And they have also revealed how long they can exp...
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