A good news with non alcoholic fatty liver disease!

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14 Oct 2016 - General

Heavy alcoholic people are worried about one thing I guess and that is fatty liver disease. But not only them, non alcoholic people can also get a similar condition which is non alcoholic fatty liver disease or non alcoholic steatohepatitis. It's prevalence is rising worldwide with the time. The main characteristic of it is deposition of fat within the liver destroying it's architecture. Other than that there is ongoing inflammation and because of the damage, it follows a repair characterized by fibrosis of the damaged tissue which is irreversible. So Some Japanese researchers have found that IGF-1 has a positive effect of preventing fibrosis following the inflammation and damage. This would be a prognosis improving factor for the ones with NASH.

Rajinda Asalage This invention useful for early prevention of the liver fibrosis, liver damage which are non reversible if identified at later stages. Allopathic medications worsens the liv...
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I have seen in my career patients who end up with end stage liver disease due to alcoholic cirrhosis. What I see commonly in those people is that they regret drinking. They extremely regret the fact that their own habits brought it on themselves. Tha...
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