Planning to publish? Here’s how to get your paper accepted

Planning to publish? Here’s how to get your paper accepted

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Publishing is highly encouraged among doctors as it improves one’s CV and image. It also helps if you are looking to be promoted and be recognised. Publishing in well known journals is also a way to communicate what you know to the larger, international medical community. If you have some useful or practical data, publishing it is one of the best ways you can improve medical concepts, methods, philosophies and perceptions.
15 Oct 2016 - General
Great read. Thank you for sharing this article, Priscilla Mae Gobuyan. I have always wondered what it takes to have a study published. It seemed to be more challenging that what I have in mind. Nevertheless, anything is possible for a determined individual. I agree with letting a senior or peer review the paper because having someone in the same field to review the paper will ensure that the comments will be rele...
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Having your research published in a scientific journal may be tough, but it is doable. Many of those who do specialized research or are in the academe are highly encouraged to get themselves published to help credibility and contribute to their institution’s prestige. Some other tips I would add are: based on what your research contains, its a good idea to first narrow down which journals you would want to be published in. Choose Peer-reviewed or ISI journals, as these are the most reliable. Tak...
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Wow! did not know how tough it is to get your papers published. Takes many steps and involve many people that are required to check for grammar or spelling errors, simply to make it mistake-free. Also upon getting it checked by your fellow friends or someone professional, do take note of the errors and take it as a learning step. Do not feel disheartened of discouraged if you ever were found to make many mistakes. All of us makes mistakes and every step is a learning step. That is what i always ...
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Wow! Such a helpful article! I hope I can be like this someday but my skills aren't even like an amateur writer. Haha. I wonder if there are some formal type of training into article writing or blogging. I do really admire writers who write very well. I don't know where do they get their brains and I even take it hard to squeeze my own brain to write a single article. Haha. It's quite challenging at times for me to even comprehend on very deep articles and needs further research for ...
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