Getting the acidic-alkaline balance right

Getting the acidic-alkaline balance right

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Excessive intake of acid-forming foods can lead to metabolic acidosis. At its worst, this may lead to a coma. On the other hand, alkalosis, when the blood pH rises above the alkaline mark, can lead to loss of consciousness and even death
15 Oct 2016 - General
All I recommend is for the patients to follow the food pyramid. Eat most of complex carbohydrates, more of fruit and vegetables, some of meat and dairy, and sparingly of fat. By sticking to the pyramid guide, a patient is actually following the alkaline-acid recommendation too. I agree with Marinelle Castro that developing metabolic alkalosis and acidosis is mainly due to renal and pulmonary problems. Diet alone ...
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Its a myth that consumption of too much acidic food will lead to acidosis and the same goes for alkaline water/ alkaline diet. There are several physiologic mechanisms that are responsible for acid-base balance, but predominantly, the kidney and lungs goes in tandem to buffer off excess acid or base in the system. If one or both organs are suffering from any form of pathology or dysfunction, then that's the time that the body usually develops acidosis or alkalosis. Actually in my clinical pr...
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It is beneficial to maintain acid-base homeostasis of our body to remain healthy and active. Our blood has a tendency to maintain slightly alkaline pH (7.4) therefore it has been observed that eating alkaline diets may help to prevent various diseases and it has also numerous other health benefits as well. Acidic foods are helpful for different functions of membranes which can protect us and help us in digesting food. Acid-base balance is controlled by multiple mechanisms of the body but the lun...
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