'Dementia link to sudden low blood pressure and dizziness' - BBC News

'Dementia link to sudden low blood pressure and dizziness' - BBC News

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People who experience frequent drops in blood pressure or dizziness when suddenly standing up are at increased risk of dementia, scientists say.
15 Oct 2016 - General
It has already been well-documented that dementia can occur with a vascular etiology related to chronic hypertension such as stroke and diabetes mellitus. We have been trained into thinking that high blood pressure is bad. What about the effect of chronic episodes of low blood pressure? It is great that we are now starting to look into the harmful effects of hypotension and dementia is surprisingly one of them too. Repeated bouts of brief hypoxia is believed to cause a cumulative harm to the bra...
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It is an interesting article that is detailing a new connection between dementia and lower blood pressure. Previously a research was carried out to see how dementia and hypertension are correlated. This study has shown that people who suffer hypotension or dizziness frequently when they stand up suddenly are more prone to dementia. The reason behind this research is that the less blood reaches the brain during these moments causing damage to brain cell over time. The logic of reduced blood suppl...
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