Food that reduces muscle aches post-workout

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15 Oct 2016 - General
  • Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and provides the right amount if nutrition especially for an aching muscle! Do not go straight to the protein shake . Bluberries helps prevet free radical damage to your muscles from a workout.
  • Water is important, as it keeps us hydrated before, during and after doing strenuous workouts. If the body does not hydrate properly, be preapred to face muscle cramps and fatigue.
  • Potassium can easily be lost through excessive sweating and hydration. Potassium can be found in protein-rich food and leafy greens. It is a preventive measure for muscle cramps.
  • Salmon is a source of food you can consider having. It is famous for having Omega-3 fatty acids which are involved in anti-inflammatory processes. IT helps to reduce inflammation and decrease production of inflammatory cytokines that are halted by fatty acids.
Ginger is very well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties too! It is great that ginger is liberally used in Asia for stir fry and other methods of cooking. It is nice to see that the food on your list include natural-occurring sources. I am not a fan of prescribing synthetic protein supplements too because their side effects still remain a mystery, especially for the kidneys. Hydration is a key factor in relieving soreness too because water is a main component of blood. Good blood flow is n...
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Alan Rosmadi The 30-45 minutes following a workout is a critical time to nourish your body for proper recovery. Recovery includes muscle building, replacing your energy stores and preventing post workout fatigue and muscle soreness. This is particularly important if you are involved in two-a-day workouts or back to back games.C consumption of sufficient foods will work easily to recover. Is there any physical tec...
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Muscle ache is an exhausting condition post-workout and I think pain relieving medications must be last option for that. It is better to improve the diet especially that has positive effects on muscle health. As it is mentioned in the article anti-oxidant rich foods are very helpful in preventing free radical damage to our muscles. So instead of protein rich diet, we must add antioxidant rich foods in our routine diets such as blueberries, tomatoes, and green tea. Adequate intake of potassium ri...
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In general healthy food would be those that are organic and contains anti-oxidants.
Processed food are deemed to be unhealthy.
Food that are rich in anti-oxidants like tomato, garlic, blueberries etc are protective against cancer and we can see that the incidence of cancer in the Italian populations are relatively low - as their diets comprises mainly of tomato and garlic.
Water is important but note that mineral water may contain high sodium or calcium content that may cause nephro...
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