Side effects of clinical trials often under-reported in journals

Side effects of clinical trials often under-reported in journals

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While it is known that the complete results from studies are never published in full in journals, it turns out that this also applies to many of the side effects discovered during clinical trials.
15 Oct 2016 - General
Under-reporting has been an issue especially with pharmaceutical company-sponsored studies. The goal of these companies are of course be able to market a drug that they have heavily funded. They would tend to overlook "minor" problems so long as the drug reaches the drug store shelves with FDA approval. It is the nature of their business to generate revenues. Health safety is only priority B as far as they are concerned. What is worse is if these companies under-report side effects. Dr...
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The good thing about systematic reviews and meta-analyses is that it gives us a good opportunity to build a neutral and honest judgement. Systematic reviews typically involve a detailed and comprehensive plan and search strategy derived a priori, with the goal of reducing bias by identifying, appraising, and synthesizing all relevant studies on a particular topic. Often, systematic reviews include a meta-analysis component which involves using statistical techniques to synthesize the data from s...
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