High BMI and Type 2 diabetes linked to liver cancer!

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15 Oct 2016 - General

When we get a cancer patient, we usually try to find the metastasis signs and symptoms to the lung, the liver, the brain and the bone. Liver is included. If the liver is affected the prognosis becomes bad. Those are secondary to some primary cause. But when someone is having a primary cancer in the liver that is too bad to have because the life expectancy drops rapidly. A large scale research has been revealed that the high body mass index, the high waist circumference and type 2 diabetes mellitus have an effect in increasing the risk of having liver cancer. Prevention is always better than cure and this is mostly non-curable. Weight reduction itself will reduce the risk for numerous conditions including liver cancer.

Liver cancer usually creeps in silence over long time till it is detected relatively late. The 5 years’ survival rate at this stage drops to 30%. Most cases of liver cancer are primarily associated with damage and scarring of the liver “cirrhosis” a condition common due to causes include alcohol abuse and hepatitis B and C infection. Type 2 diabetes occurred in 6.5 % of study participants and 2,162 developed liver cancer. The link found in the study between high BMI, waist circumference, Diabete...
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Higher BMI values and Type 2 diabetes disease are the stronger risk factors for liver cancer. Lungs, liver, bones, and brain are more susceptible to metastasis. The high body mass index is a parameter that can be used as an indicator for obesity and obesity is associated with multiple other disease conditions. It is hard to prevent Type 2 Diabetes but obesity must be controlled to prevent liver cancer. Liver cancer can cause sudden death in most of the patients because life expectancy decreases ...
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Rajinda Asalage Primary hepatocellular carcinoman indeed has a very poor prognosis. Tumor growth and metastatses occurs rapidly after the initial symptoms show. Thus, we must be very vigilant in controlling risk factors that may contribute to hepatocellular carcinoma. It is a good thing that you shared a new study that links type 2 diabetes mellitus, high waist circumference, and high BMI (all preventable risk fa...
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