Benefits of reflective journaling for nurses

Benefits of reflective journaling for nurses

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Reflective journaling is a term that refers to documenting your ideas, personal thoughts and experience through writing. It is known to benefit students in many educational programmes including nursing.
16 Oct 2016 - General
Reflective journaling is a very useful practice. I have a habit of writing in my 'Emotion Diary.' This concept is particularly helpful to monitor the feelings throughout the day. There are separate columns with the heading ' Event' , 'Emotion' and 'Plan of action.' In the event section, I write the incidences that took place throughout the day and how I felt at the moment. Sometimes I felt angry, sometimes jealous. There are so many thoughts that run in my mind. T...
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Nursing linked to real world situations and professions and, increasingly, work-based placements can be a valuable aspect of learning who required to reflect upon their practices, link their reflections to theories and communicate in writing an understanding of the connection between the reflection and theory. Working on personal and professional development need not be a chore if you have access to varied and informative technique and is one of the best way for situations, critical thinking is...
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I think reflective journaling is a renewed term, but old fashion way of blogging your life or career experiences. What can be useful from this is basically by allowing you to reflect on the good and bad that you have done. Ranging from mistakes that could have been avoided to good deeds of the day. What makes it more interesting is that when you get older and you read through it. The emotional times you went through your career and also in life that is also a learning journey. Nothing comes easy...
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Reflective journaling or simply a diary in your medical practice. In my own practice, I haven't write any reflective journaling during the course of my practice after college. But as far as I can remember, most of us nurses are required to have a some kind of a journal notebook to list down your experiences and challenges for the day, how were you able to get by with the difficulties and so on. Sometimes before our related learning experience shift will end, we are gathered all together as a...
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