DOH: No need to legalise marijuana

DOH: No need to legalise marijuana

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Legalising marijuana use for medical purposes is not necessary because its use as controlled substance is already allowed under the Philippine Food and Drug Administration's Compassionate Special Permit.
16 Oct 2016 - General
I found the actor who claimed to be using marijuana for medical purposes specifically to prevent cancer hilarious. When I heard the news and couldn't help but guffaw. It is good to know that the there is a Food and Drug Administration's Compassionate Special Permit now how to obtain this would be nice to know and for what cases in particular as well. Since the raw form is not deemed as medically beneficial this would mean that the patient would need to order the medically processed one f...
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I am glad to read the rational approach Philippines is adopting towards the dilemma of legalizing marijuana. The continuous campaigns in other countries to legalize marijuana use should be understood within the variations in different localities and should not be generalized consequently on all countries. I believe that by legalizing “marijuana”, the door will be wide open to bend the laws and regulations especially in countries with loose discipline and low awareness. Many people will start inv...
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I think that this is a good recommendation by our nation's health department. As you well know, at present, our country is at the tipping point of our battle with illegal drug use. In fact the whole world is looking at us because of the unconventional efforts that are being done by the present government. I didn't know that it was such a big problem until the current government took efforts in taking control of it. I think the abuse potential is very high for marijuana. Having said that,...
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