How to Take Good Still-Life Photos for Instagram | Reader's Digest

How to Take Good Still-Life Photos for Instagram | Reader's Digest

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With just a little planning, you could get better quality still-life shots to post on your Instagram — no filter necessary.
16 Oct 2016 - General
Ah the rule of thirds. I definitely make use of that one. I have a DSLR camera and like to play around with angles and moving my subject to different parts of the shot. I try not to use filters on my phone but to achieve better images in bad lighting I play around with contrast, highlights, exposure and shadows. I like to keep the picture as natural as possible though. On Instagram I like to posts pictures of animals especially my handsome dogs. Selfies are not my thing unless I am with my dogs ...
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Such a refreshing article Theekshana Abayawickrama. Since i was exposed lately by different diseases and disappointments. But back for this topic, i find instagram more better than other social media accounts. Because people in instagram are not as stressful like people on facebook. Lol. Photos with good quality and simple yet attracted really is attention getter! Lately, most posts on intagram with plain backgrou...
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Instagram has become a thing now, and for some people uploading a photo with some fancy editing on Instagram has become such a huge part in almost any activity that they do. Whether it be having a meal, jogging, traveling, cooking or even bathing. I am not a regular user of Instagram, but I also do find Instagram photos to be really attractive and markedly different from photos shared on other social media sites. If you are one of those Instagram regulars, this article might come on handy for yo...
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