Dressing the Disease

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17 Oct 2016 - General

People are afraid to admit that they are ill. This may not be true for all people, but this is true for most people, because why would you want to admit weakness? My father kept it to the very end, before her surrendered himself to the doctor. When he was getting weaker, he refused the use of a cane to walk, refused the bedpan, and when we bought him a wheelchair, he got mad at us. 

I took that photo a few months ago on my visit to "Pinto Art Museum". When I saw it, I remembered fighiting with my dad about taking the wheelchair. People do not want to be ill. Those who are already ill, will want to hide their weakness and do away with things like wheelchairs, chatheters, etc. 

When I saw the wheelchair in the museum, I thought, "If I brought home a wheelchair this cool, will my dad like it?" In the clinic, we sometimes dress the dental chair with toys to make it "fun" for children. Can you really "DRESS" the disease (or the treatment)?