Demystifying a sudden unexpected syndrome of death

Demystifying a sudden unexpected syndrome of death

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Like any other day, a man goes to bed one evening. Though not like any other day, he goes to bed not knowing that he would not see the sun rise again. He had a hearty dinner, had a few beers with friends and went home feeling happy. The next morning, he fails to report to work and his friends find him lifeless in bed.
17 Oct 2016 - General
Ah Bangungot. The illness that keeps us from going to bed after eating a heavy meal despite really wanting to go to sleep STAT. I have seen patients who have died of "bangungot" but they turn out to be one of the diagnosis mentioned in the ...
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"Bangugot" is a mysterious phenomenon and old people usually warn us about sleeping after just having eaten, so you do not plunge to your death, while in your sleep. I've always believed that there is a medical explanation for "Ban...
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