Prevention strategies for childhood obesity

Prevention strategies for childhood obesity

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Active management plus individualized interventions are crucial for successful weight management, says a consultant at the 38th Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) annual congress.
17 Oct 2016 - General
I think the most practical way of preventing obesity in children is to ensure that they are eating food that is high in nutritional value. It will also be helpful to limit the junk food, sugary drinks and desserts that are being offered to children. I have noticed that its popular culture to show affection to them by giving them candies, chocolates and the like. However, this increases the risk of childhood obesity especially if children are not physically active. I agree that being stuck in gad...
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I always see many kids who are very much pampered by their parents these days. Not only obesity strikes early but it can be an issue if it is not controlled or stopped by the loving parents. Stop giving your kids junk food and pamper them too much with the helper. Make them walk, run, take away the iPad and whatever games they are playing. Make them play like how we did in those days and make them do exercises and activities. Diabetes and heart diseases in kids are getting more and more popular ...
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Childhood obesity must be discouraged at all stages because it is a risk factor for multiple child diseases. It is crucial to screen the children of high BMI and start preventive measures at early stages. It is easy to control the weight in early age as compared to later stages of life. It is a good effort by WHO to set prevention-based strategies to reduce the obesity in children. Such strategies include healthy food intake, control over early childhood diet along with the encouragement of phys...
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There are fuller evidence on treatment strategies for childhood overweight or obesity:

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